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Involved 2011

The following artists, interns and technicians have been taking part in the Summer Lodge 2011.


Fanny Harle
Emily Price
Sally Croft
Emily Mowatt
Alice Gale-Feeny
Kim Bull
Emily Mowatt
Brendan Curtis–Burton
Hannah Roast
Ruby Lloyd-Burman
Katherine Fishman
Kirsty Kerr
Bella Milroy
Jo Fairbrother
Bethany Kettel
Vivienne Du
Lauren Jones


Richard Arm
Jim Boxall
Jonathan Gillie
Andrew Harris
Reuben Kyte
David Langdon
Geoffrey Litherland
Fred Perkins
Robert Squirrel


Special thanks to Hannah Roast and Ruby Lloyd-Burman who have been working with Joanne Lee to document and record events during the Summer Lodge.

Each day they have made selections from their ‘collection’ and loaded them onto the site.