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Involved 2017

Links to a page for each participant will appear here during the first week of this year’s Summer Lodge.


Andrew Brown

Andy pepper

Belen Cerezo

Ben Judd

Bettina Fung

Christian Mieves

Collette Rayner

Dan Hunt

Danica Maier

Derek Sprawson

Elle Reynolds

Emily Strange

Emma Cocker

Fiona Hamblin

Gerard Williams

Gino Attwood

Heather Connelly

Jane Lawson

Katja Hock

Lisa Selby

Louisa Chambers

Lynn Fulton

Magpie Projects:
Arabel Rosillo de Blas, Dawn Giles

Marion Sagon

Max Limbu

Rob Flint

Sam Hewland

Sophie Huckfield

Susi Clark

Timber & Battery



Studio Assistants

Anna Hor

Claire Hill

Natalia Gill

Harry Freestone

Lisa Hughes

Szilvia Ponyiczki

Rose Jane Ventriso

Lucy Brown

Phoebe Neal (Documenter)*

Chloe Laycock (Documenter)*


Jim Boxall

Claire Davies

Jonathan Gillie

Andrew Harris

Carly Stafford

Fred Perkins

Mark Flanagan

Oliver Poulter

Robert Squirrell

Ryan Young

Lodge Documenter

Phoebe Neal and
Chloe Laycock
Each day Phoebe and Chloe will  upload selections from the documentation they have made which will appear under the ‘Day’ links at the top of the site.  They will also make a selection of images which will be shown in Tunnel Vision (a digital exhibition space in Nottingham City in January 2018).


Special thanks to Claire Simpson, our subject administrator, for all her support before, during and after the 2017 Summer Lodge.