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Involved 2014

During our 5 year anniversary, the following artists, studio assistants and technicians are taking part in the Summer Lodge 2014.


Sheffield Hallam Fine Art

Michelle Atherton

Chloè Brown


Bergen Academy of Art and Design

Sabine Popp



Regional Artists

Jackie Berridge

Heather Connelly

Josh Lockwood

Oliver Tirre

Chris Wright



Belén Cerezo

Salome Egger



Richard Arm

Jim Boxall

Jonathan Gillie

Andrew Harris

David Langdon

Fred Perkins

Robert Squirrel


Studio Assistants

Alex Croft

Georgia Day

Tony Fletcher

Ashley Hay

Kayt Hughes

Jake Moore

Jake Sanderson

Melissa Thomas

Hannah Tolmie

Hannah Whitlow


Lodge Documenter

Amy Payton Edwards
Each day Amy will  upload selections from the documentation she has made which will appear under the ‘Day’ links at the top of the site.