Friday 6th July, 2018
9:30am – 1:00pm


Tea and Coffee

10:00am – 1:00pm
Welcome and Introduction
Emma Cocker & Danica Maier

Presentations (10 mins each)

Tracy Mackenna (Chair of Contemporary Art Practice, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design); Elle Reynolds (PhD student, NTU); Frankie Head (Year 2 UG student, NTU); Dr. Quentin Hanley (Reader in Chemistry & Forensics, NTU); Sophie Morton (MFA student, NTU); Alice Gale Feeny (Artist and visiting lecturer, NTU); Mike Coffey (Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry, NTU); Steve Dutton (Professor of Fine Art and Head of Art at Bath Spa University)

Panel discussion
Speakers in conversations with Dr. Katja Hock

Buffet lunch

Telos – with its etymological origins in the Greek télos (end), téleios (perfected) and teleîn (fulfillment) – refers to an ultimate object or aim, a specific end or purpose. In teleological terms, the value of action is essentially goal-oriented, determined in relation to achievement and attainment, the event of completion, of reaching the designed destination or target. Alternatively, autotelic (autos, ‘self’ and telos, ‘goal’) refers to an activity or a creative work that has an end or purpose in itself. Autotelic activities refuse the goal-oriented, reward-driven, outcome-motivated tendencies of contemporary culture. However, neither are they pitched in antagonistic relation to the idea of a goal or end: they are not against telos as such. Instead, autotelic activity has intrinsic meaning – internal to it, emerging through it – where the sense of its worth or value is not established or measured according to external criteria. Towards play: for this has no end or purpose other than itself, nor does ‘being in the zone’ – those ‘flow states’ of total absorption or immersion where action and awareness merge. Rather than choosing between outcome or open-ended activity, between process and product, an autotelic practice playfully navigates the spaces in-between, refusing the binary of either/or.

This year’s Summer Lodge symposium takes up the provocation Autotelic /Towards Play to explore ideas around playfulness and experimentation, immersion and absorption, inviting reflection on the intrinsic and extrinsic motivations at play within artistic practice, on striking the balance between working towards resolution whilst leaving things open.