Manuel Ángel Macía

Ali Ballard

Emmanuel Boateng

Theresa Bradbury

Kallina Brailsford

Alex Brunt

Louisa Chambers

Clare Charnley

Emma Cocker

Ali Darke

Chiara Dellerba

Rob Flint

Lynn Fulton

Katja Hock

Andrea Jaegger

Ben Judd

Karen Logan

Danica Maier

Ivana Mancic

Laura McCafferty

Sam Metz

Adam Neal

Livvy Penrose Punnett

Elle Reyonlds

Assunta Ruocco

Lisa Selby

Emily Strange

Isabella Streffen

Gerard Williams

Sue Withers

Chris A. Wright

Lodge Documenters *

Ben Rostance and Tim Cook

Each day Ben and Tim will upload selections from the documentation they have made which will appear under the ‘Day’ links at the top of the site. They will also make a selection of images which will be shown in Tunnel Vision 2 (a digital exhibition space in Nottingham City in July 2019).

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Claire Simpson, our subject administrator, for all her support before, during and after the 2019 Summer Lodge.

Studio Assistants

Ant Clee

Tim Cook*

Milly Farrow

Gabriel Harris

Rohit Kale

Sharon Maycock

Ben Rostance*

Matt Saunders

Amy Sidebotham

Mary Waldron


Jim Boxall

Mark Flanagan

Jonathan Gillie

Andrew Harris

Fred Perkins

Oliver Poulter

Robert Squirrell

Carly Stafford

Ryan Young