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Screen Grids – July 2011

As part of the Summer Lodge and “The Speculation”, Andrew Pepper used the framework of the website as a space to produce a number of ‘sketches’ and online, speculative, responses to the space around him.

Using the inbuilt presentation ‘grid’ format of the Summer Lodge site, he ‘deposited’ a number of related images, each with a geographic connection to the next.  Placing them in the 4 x 4 web grid compresses the spaces from which the images were recorded and produces an artificial construct – one where elements of each image produce new associations through their proximity.

There are two versions of each sketch: one with a fixed positioning of 16 images within the 4 x 4 grid, and a second which uses the random selection process of the website to rearrange the images.

In the second version each time the sketch is viewed a different permutation of the images is presented. If 100 people are viewing the work at the same time, on different screens in different locations, each will ‘see’ the same images but in a different arrangement.  The resulting series of connections – or visually conflicting marks – will offer a different set of associations for each viewer.

To view each work, select from the list on the right.  To view another sketch, use your browser “back” button to return here and make another selection.